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The EIS Series

The EIS Series (Emission Inspections Systems) from WEP is the most advanced line of automotive emissions and safety inspection equipment in the world. Deployed in various programs and countries across the globe, no other equipment has successfully tested a wider variety of vehicles than WEP's EIS Series.  Boasting the very latest in BAR certification, WEP's patented sample system is 100% BAR97 certified and is the only system BAR certified for use with every BAR certified dynamometer.


WEP only uses the finest products in its systems.  The gas analyzer bench cabinet's durable, all-steel construction provides a long-lasting, inspection-grade enclosure to ensure the analytical system is secure and accurate. Analyzer computer components are safely secured inside the locked cabinet, protecting them from damage and tampering. WEP systems have proven to last longer than any other products in the industry.


The new EIS is a modular system, designed for easy scalability and configuration, facilitating user-friendliness, easy component integration and quick maintenance. It features a number of proprietary design patents that deliver greater testing accuracy, equipment reliability and sustained durability in harsh operating environments.  For high-throughput testing, no system performs subsequent, accurate inspections like the WEP EIS Series.


The EIS can be configured to meet any program's needs. Whether implementing an OBD-only or full tailpipe and safety inspection program, WEP hardware and software can be facilitated and customized to fulfill the exact needs of an program. Options include an opacity diesel testing accessory and the choice of stationary or portable cabinets. Dynamometer options include a traction coating on the rollers, an automatic vehicle restraint system, and above-floor or flush mount installation.