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Gas Emissions Analyzer

Analytical System
Item Method Range Accuracy Resolution
HC NDIR 0-2000ppm +/-3% 1ppm
CO NDIR 0-10% +/-3% 0.01%
CO2 NDIR 0-16% +/-3% 0.1%
NO(optional) NDIR 0-5000ppm +/-4% 1ppm
O2 Cell 0-25% +/-5%  
Calibration System
Integrated Zero Air Generator® (optional)
Automatic Zeroing and Gas calibration
Automatic Leak test, Dilution Test and Low Flow
Sample System
Heavy-duty Sample system for high Throughput
Performance w/ Pressurized sample Back flush
Solid State Sample Chiller for enhanced Water Separation®
OBD-II / CAN integrated function (optional)
Integrated fuel cap tester (optional)