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WEP Data Acquisition Device (DAD)

WEP Data Acquisition Device (DAD)

WEP Data Acquisition Device (DAD)

WEP has worked closely with vehicle OEMs, the U.S. EPA, the Bureau of Automotive Repair and State/Jurisdictional I/M Administrators to develop and implement what is being revered as the future of emissions testing, specifically for OBDII testing.

Its vehicle connectivity rate for successful communication is greater than 99.9% of OBD compliant

As vehicle technology is advancing, so too are the tools to help diagnose any issues with vehicles. The WEP DAD features the highest connectivity rate in the industry. With USB wired and WiFi wireless capabilities standard in every unit, WEP’s DAD allows for user-friendly testing from at least 30 feet away. Communicating with any one of WEP’s EIS or OIS Series Analyzers, the screens are visible from a distance and help inspectors carry out inspections properly. This technique helps ensure uniform testing throughout the inspection equipment.

  • Only 99.99% Vehicle Connectivity Rate in the Industry
  • Direct Interface with WEP Analyzers and VID
  • Automatic Firmware Updates
  • Extensive Self-diagnostics
  • Wireless Capabilities

The WEP DAD is utilized in the following U.S. I/M Programs:

  • - California
  • - Texas
  • - North Carolina
  • - Georgia
  • - Cache County, Utah
  • - New Mexico

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