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Analytic System

Analytic System

Modular Design

The EIS is the only emissions analyzer system to use an innovative modular design in its construction. This decreases the time it takes to service or repair the unit, keeping it operational--and profitable--for you. Our factory-authorized service technicians can easily replace any component on-site. In most cases, we can exchange a component, recalibrate and have you back in business in a matter of minutes.

Gas Analyzer Bench

The EIS series gas analyzer bench has many exclusive features built in to protect it and keep it performing at the same level, day in and day out. WEP is one of only three manufactures with BAR-Certified Analyzer Benches.

Patented Solid State Sample Chiller

For unsurpassed system integrity, the system uses a built-in solid state chiller unit to cool gas samples. This keeps all water out of the analyzer to prolong its life, reduce service calls, increase accuracy and reduce the time it takes to perform each test. The Chiller creates an internal weather system that removes moisture from the system, ensuring accuracy and durability even in the coldest of climates, as proven in Alaska and Seoul. Only WEP systems have this feature.

Patented Pressurized Back Flush

Another EIS exclusive, our pressurized back flush utilizes your existing shop air to purge the sample system after each test. This helps make hydrocarbon hang-ups a thing of the past and decreases the time needed to test each vehicle. Our unique design also ensures there is no water in the analyzer bench, which increases analyzer life and prevents costly bench replacements.

Patented On-Board Zero Gas Generator

The EIS series features an on-board zero gas generator, which provides big savings per test over systems that require bottled air. Our zero gas generator utilizes your existing shop air source and features a scrubbing device with no moving parts to clean the incoming air in order to keep the system accurate and reliable.

HC 0 – 2000 ppm Hex ± 3% 4ppm Hex NDIR
2001 – 5000 ppm Hex ± 5% N/A NDIR
5001 – 9999 ppm Hex ± 10% N/A NDIR
CO 0 – 10 % ± 3% 0.02% NDIR
10.01 – 14.00% ± 5% N/A NDIR
CO2 0-16% ± 3% 0.03% NDIR
16.1-18% ± 5% N/A NDIR
O2 0-25% ± 5% N/A Cell

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