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Public Opinion

Whether you're exit polling an election or a board meeting, garnering public opinion on breaking news, on-going investigations ar product efficiency; entrance polling a campaign rally, townhall meeting or class lecture ta better understand what's most important to your audience, 'Opinions live' offers a campelling edge in creating a more representative sample of public opinion.

  • Ultra portable handheld devices, such as PDA'sand touch-screen cellular phones allow for polling anywhere
  • Receive public opinions in Real-Time on administrator-defined questions
  • Understand the issues that are on your audiences' mind with Real-Time entrance polling
  • Receive instant feedback at exit polls (political, business, consumer)
  • Expand sampling size for Real-Time data beyond the limitations of Internet users (creates for a more representative survey)
  • Customizable data and GPS tracking allows administrators to control the parameters of opinion polling (i.e. software customized for a specific zip code will lock-out if pollster strays into a different zip code)