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WEPCitation's comprehensive software features pre-populated dropdown menus on touch-screen PDA's, with digital signature capture, bie-metric thumbprint verification, barcode scanners, magnetic strip readers and Bluetooth-enabled thermal printers. Utilizing wireless transfer, individual units connect to any agency's existing database for efficient and accurate record-keeping.

  • User-friendly administrative oversight of agencies and individual officers
  • User-defined amendment period for accuracy confirmation or dismissal before electronic submission to the courts and/ or registry
  • Reduces errors by increasing accuracy more than 10% (handwriting errors, missing data fields, poor penmanship, data input errors)
  • Inverted signature pad allows for the unit to be in the officer's control at all times
  • Eliminates overwhelming data-input backlogs (massive back-end time savings)
  • Eliminates prolonged exposure to roadside hazards, such as debris or roadside collisions
  • License validation technology quickly prepopulates driver information
  • Back-end time savings increases productivity and on-road patrol visibility