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Electronic Citation Systems

Technology is being implemented by various agencies nationwide to tackle budget issues and to increase officer visibility on our streets and on our highways. Technological advancements have shifted the paradigm for agencies across the nation who has embraced the technology for its efficiency in drastically reducing administrative work, curtailing inaccuracies on citations and creating for more patrol time per officer.

With an electronic ticketing system, citing a violator can be reduced to less than one-third the time than previously possible, dramatically decreasing the likelihood of an officer-involved roadside collision, as well as increasing patrol visibility on the roadways.

Utilizing wireless technology, electronic ticketing systems route citations immediately back to an agency existing database and the courts therefore eliminating the costly and overwhelmingly back-log of citations.

 WEPCitation software utilizes data integrity checks when issuing a citation, this does not allow the officer to complete a citation without properly filling in required data minimizing accuracy errors that render a citation “invalid” before the courts. Some agencies approach a dismissal rate of up to 40%! Officer’s written citations threaten a ticket’s validity three to four times before it ultimately reaches a judge. That’s more chances for illegible information, typographic errors, or misplaced copies to dismiss a citation, which results in lost revenue for the agency.

The courts will be requiring electronic submission of citations and agencies who implement electronic ticketing systems are in demand and growing. Along with this renewed interest in technology, agencies are encouraged to explore all of their options when it comes to selecting a system that best fits their physical and monetary interests, and weigh the cost-benefit that an electronic ticketing solution would have on their ability to patrol the ever-growing populace.

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