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VISION - Vehicle Inspection Program and Data Management

Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. is proud to boast its VISION (Vehicle Inspection Systems Information Online Network), a state-of-the-art program and data management solution, including the most dynamic and customizable applications in the world.  Second to none, VISION offers flexible and reliable high throughput storage, retrieval and management of all vehicle safety and emissions program data. 

The Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc.-developed reporting capabilities and security features provide a web based interface enabling administrators, program managers, field representatives and any other authorized personnel with more control over important program information than ever. VISION™ collects and tracks all vehicle I/M program activity and stores it in a secured data repository from which pre-defined or user-defined reports can provide detailed analysis needed by program managers and government agencies to make informed decisions.

VISION Flexible Feature

The system's dynamic and flexible design provides the participants of an inspection program a user friendly and secure method of obtaining important program data.  Each and every program has its own requirements and specifications, which is why Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. doesn't just provide an off-the-shelf, canned solution to its clients.  Each VISION is developed and customized to fit the specific needs of each important program.  

Our ability to adapt to different program requirements and work with government agencies as a partner provides its programs with the resources they need and the solutions they require.  Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. is the only contractor that provides the agility and flexibility needed to successfully implement and operate a true turnkey vehicle inspection program.

Program Data Collection & Management

VISION is a high-level resource management solution that integrates each component of a program into one web-based software application that automates and controls data storage logic, data analysis processes, system-wide access rules, user capabilities, user activity and server system functions.  

VISION™ provides a complete, web service-oriented solution, including:

  • Management of Stations
  • Management of Inspectors
  • Management of Inspection Equipment
  • Live and Recorded Video of Inspections
  • Messaging Services to Inspectors and Stations
  • Inspection Record and Report Storage and Retrieval
  • Server-hosted User Profiles and Roles
  • System-wide User Device Authentication and Tracking
  • Real-time Data Mining for Fraudulent Activity
  • Enhanced Data Triggers and Automated Notification
  • Automated EPA Custom Reports
  • Auditing and Enforcement Interface
  • External System Interfaces to other Government Agencies

Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. models its solutions and methods after the IT industry due to the more progressive nature of IT and the fact that vehicle I/M is increasingly reliant on IT systems.  The challenges facing programs today require IT solutions, because the challenges are IT-driven.  The goals of VISION™ are clear:

  • To provide greater control to program administrators
  • To provide greater security mechanisms to identify and prevent fraud
  • To define and automate system processes to facilitate integration and mitigate downtime

These goals are achieved by standardizing program processes and unifying disparate operations under one-user friendly application - VISION.

VISIONmaintains continuity of program services by providing data collection and processing in the event of power failure, computer systems breakdown, and/or loss of communication service. Should VISION™ ever lose communication or service, our primary responsibility is to re-establish those services.  

Along with currently, monitored data elements, such as the electronic VIN, Readiness Codes, etc., Worldwide Environmental Products, Inc. employs ultra-advanced data monitoring and processing, which provides a more comprehensive understanding of each test record and the data within it.