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Owner's Manual

DAD Software Download


Data Aquisition Device Solution

Standard Features Include:
  • Single Wired/Wireless DAD Device
  • Built-in DAD Emulator Tool
  • Expanded Workspace
  • All Steel Cabinet
  • 2D Barcode
  • Windows 8 Operating System
  • 22" LCD Color Monitor
  • Brother Laser Printer
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Complete Wireless Solution Available

BAR Certified

  • WEP has provided the most reliable equipment in the industry for over 25 years
  • WEP consistently has the fastest and most efficient Service & Support in the Industry
  • Strongly-built Infrastructure of WEP OBDII Field Service Technician Experts across the State of California


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Only DAD with Dual Wireless or Convenient USB Connectivity

Connection Status Indicator

Two ways to connect to a computer

Battery Power Switch

Power Status Indicator

Powered by the Vehicle or Built-in Battery

Cabinet Includes Built-In Emulator Self-Test and Charger

About the New California Program

The State of California, Bureau of Automotive Repair is requiring several changes to the California Smog Check Program:
  • All 2000 and newer model year vehicles will be subject to the new OBD DAD inspection. Only 1999 and older model year vehicles will still be subject to the standard ASM emissions inspection.
  • All BAR Certified Inspection Stations will be required to purchase an OBD DAD from one of the Certified OBD DAD Vendors
  • The OBD DAD Inspection will be operated as web service via the BAROIS, so internet connection will be required throughout the entirety of each inspection

Best-In-Industry Finance Options

$1.00 Buyout Option at end of each term